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The “Cahiers de la documentation / Bladen voor documentatie” are now in line.

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The journal of documentation from Belgium is now available online. All the papers published from 1999/1? to 2008/3 that is to say more than 150 articles are available free in full text at the following Internet address: We have to thank ...

A selection of Books to understand Competitive Intelligence

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To understand the wide meanings and applications of Competitive Intelligence necessitates books very different in? nature. In this overview we present a selection of books that we used during the course of Competitive Intelligence either in academics or in ...

The Economic Intelligence by Alain Juillet (Audio-video) in French - Competitive Intelligence French Program

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During this Avignon conference and round tables different specialists presented the Competitive Intelligence aspects linked to the Regional Development. The application of the Competitive Intelligence inside the Governance of the pôles of competitivenss is a main issue for the development ...

Ciworldwide Expert’s clusters using Web 2.0

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Clusters from the Web of the most important Ciworldwide's experts. Henri Dou - Philippe Clerc - Jacky Kister - Marie Paule Verlaeten - Luc  Quoniam - Gilda Massari Coelho - Sri Damayanty Manullang - Jean-Marie Dou - Clément Paoli - Patrick ...

CIWORLDWIDE Competitive Intelligence Experts

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List of the most important Experts which work with CIWORLDWIDE in the field of Competitive Intelligence and Territorial Intelligence in various countries. Henri Dou - Philippe Clerc - Jacky Kister - Marie Paule Verlaeten  - Luc  Quoniam - Gilda Massari Coelho ...

Useful links - Liens utiles

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HRIE (Senior Director of CI in France) - ACFCI (Assemblée des Chambres Françaises de Commerce et d'Industrie) - To access the ACFCI letter click here. Patents: IPC (International patent Classification) - IPC CATCH WORDS Index - USPTO (US Patents) - EPO ...