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L’Indonésie à la croisée des chemins - Indonesia at the crossroad

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indonesia pub croisée In  the last issue of the “Revue Internationale d’Intelligence Economique” (vol 9 (1/2017) a key paper concerning Indonesia has been published by Pierre Fournié and Professor Henri Dou. Indonesia which will be one of the ost important country in the world in  the next future is facing various uncertainties in Asia. In this paper the authors pin point some of the key facts and orientations which may rise questions about the development and the Foreign policy of Indonesia. This article which constitutes the part 1 of the study will be followed by two other which will present in depth various alternatives for Indonesia.

Bourret Lumentur This paper  underlines a new orientation of the IFIS (Institute Francilien d’Ingénierie et des Services) which will develop researches in the Application of various Competitive Intelligence applications in Indonesia. Recently, Professor Christian Bouret (Director of IFIS) received an important Indonesian delegation among which the Mayor of the city of Manado which indicated his deep concern with all methods and tools used for the development of a territorial intelligence process. It is also noticeable that in the recent past the laboratoiries of Scientific Information of Marne la Vallée  and the CRRM of the Universty Aix Marseille III,  developed within the framework of PhDs various sutdies about Indonesia and applications of Competitive Intelligence in this country

Interdisciplinary Symposium - Corsica - Corte - July 5-6-7 2017 - Information science

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corse interdisciplinaire

  This is during a three days period that the Interdisciplinary Symposium occured in Corsica organized by the Universty Pascal Paoli.  The objective of the symposium was to show that Interdisciplinarity is necessary to solve the various and complex problems coming up in our society today. The weather change, the food problems, the energy, the information management and handling, the big data analytics, necessitate the collaboration between several disciplines. Unfortunately, working as an academic researcher in an interdisciplinary model of research is not easy. Most of the carreers are based on a single discipline and a very specialized research. Plublishing Interdisciplinary work is often difficult since the academic research journals are very specialized. During the symposium all these aspects were discussed, illustrated by numerous high quality presentaions. Several tracks offered to the participants a brillant illustration of all these problems. The conclusion of the symposium was to underlined the necessity to have the Interdisciplinary research recognized at the same level as specialized ones. The participants asked also to have a following to this symposium and to organized in Corte the same type of meeting  with a two years period. Thanks to the University Pascal Paoli for the many foreign researchers present as invited speakers.  In conclusion we have to thank the Pascla Paoli University of Corsica to develop an Interdisciplinary approach to academic research and to praise the various teams engaged in such a work.

In the track of Information Science, various researches were presented by:   Nathalie FabryChristian Bourret Gheller JessicaPhilippe Clerc,  Amos Amos David and Nadine Ndjok, Dou Henri,  Bernard Dousset and Abdelhamid Chellal,  Duval Philippe and Helène, Enric Escorsa O’CallaghanJean-Baptiste Filippi and Yolanda Perez Finidori, Xuefeng Wang Yun FU and Liliana Mikova, Lucielle et Jean-Louis Rossi Tom Toulouse Dominique Cancellieri Antoine Pieri et Lucie Rossi, Serena Talamoni Bernard Dousset Elisabeth PaoliMarie-Paule Verlaeten.

A special mention  must be made for the work presented by the student of the doctorate school of Corsica. During the year, they followed the formation (DU University Diploma) of Competitive Intelligence and Territorial Intelligence and as a final work they have to develop a prospective approach of what Corsica will be in 2026. The development of this prospective work was done under the supervision of Philippe Clerc, Alain Juillet and Henri Dou. We thank Professor Jean Costa from the University of Corsica and Director of the Doctorate School for his trust  in supervisors. The full text of the student’s presentation is the following: Corsica in 2026.

A presentation of the tract Information Science has also be made by Enricc Escorsa (Iale Tecnologia): OTRAS ACTIVIDADES RECIENTES

Participación en el simposio interdisciplinar de la Universidad de Córcega.

Franch Indonesian relations. The venue of two important indonesian delegations in France

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During the last three months the AFDEI (French Association for the Economic Development of Indonesia), CCI France, CIWORLDWIDE Think Tank, SUFFREN  International received in  Paris two Indonesian delagations.  

indonesia JB Carpentier    One delegation concerned the development and new orientations of the Competitive Intelligence in France. At this occasion Mister Laode IDA, Ombudsman, repiblik of Indonsia was received at the CCI France. He presented the status and of the role if this institution for its inclusive public services in  Indonesia.  Since 2013 this institution conducted assessments and inspection of compliance levels in ministries, institutions and local governments against public service standards. Philippe Clerc, senior consultant in International Economic Intelligence at CCI France, presented the the recent development of Competitive Intelligence in  France and pin poineted the role of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Professor Henri Dou from Ciworldwide think tank, explained  how French  Competitive Intelligence system and its role in Territorial Intelligence could be useful for the development of Indonesia’s islands. Key menbers of the AFDEI prsented also the role of the Association in the development of Economic links between France and Indonesia. After the presentation, the delagation went to the French Mnistry of Finance and was received by Mr Jean Baptiste Carpentier, (CISSE), Commissioner near the Ministry  of Economy and in charge of the Strategic Information and Economic Security. After a presentation  by Mr Carpentier of his role in the French Economic landscape an open and fruitful discussion followed.

indoenesia CCI France  The second delegation concerned the region  of Manado, held by the Mayor of the city Dr Vicky G.B.Lumentut. This delegation was received by CCI France. A presentation of the actual economic and developmet status of the Manado Rgeion (North Sulawesi) was done by the Mayor, followed by several talks dealing with the international activities of  CCI France at the international level (sustainable developmentsustainable tourismindustry Asean). Most of the concerns of the delegation focued on tourims and middle industry development. Mr Pierre Fournier from Suffren International ended the meeting by a strategic presentation of possible development of diving activities in the Manado Region.

Universita di Corsica - Universty of Corsica - Université de Corse - Doctorate school - Course Competitive Intelligence - Cours Intelligence Economique

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This is the 4-5-6 April 2017 at Corte that Alain  Juillet, Philippe Clerc and Henri Dou presented the various aspects of Competitive Intelligence, part of the global course initiated by the doctorate school of the University of Corsica. The first part of this course deal with the patent analysis as a tool to increase the innovative thinking of people and also to open a wide window on the possible applications of the research sujects of some of the researchers. The second presentation concerned the information security  as well as the overlap of Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence. The third one concerned the planning and proposal of the local representative institutions in  the field of Competitive Intelligence centered on Corsica needs and expectations. Part of the last day was devoted to a round table and exchange with the students to second their participation to the prospective exercice: “Corsica in 2026″. This contribution will be presented to the Interdisciplinary Symposium organized by the University of Corsica in July 2017. The presentations done during this session are available here: Patents Presentation and Analysis ,  Security Intelligence and Competitive IntelligenceCorsica’s Smart Specialization   An increasing role of CCIs

Université de Corse - Pascal Paoli - University of Corsica - Ecole Doctorale - Doctorate School - Competitive Intelligence - Intelligence Economique

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Les 10, 11 et 12 Janvier s’est tenus à Corte à l’Ecole Doctorale la deuxième session de cours concernant l’Intelligence Economique, ses méthodes et ses outils. Au cours de cette session, Alain Juillet a développé une vision géopolitique réaliste, montrant aux étudiants qu’à partir de la simple consultation des information de presse de radio et de télévision, il était possible de décoder les grands mouvements géopolitiques actuels. Ensuite le Professeur Henri Dou a mis en évidence la nécessite de penser autrement pour pouvoir échapper à un  modèle unique et pour aller vers des interprétations et visions multiples permettant de mieux percevoir et comprendre son  environnement. Philippe Clerc (CCIFrance Senior Advisor for Global Competitive Intelligence) a développé les grands traits de l’Intelligence Economique française et de ses diverses déclinaisons. Il a ensuite présenté les aspects prospectifs indispensables à la création d’une vision introduisant espoir et dynamisme. Le denier jour a été consacré au développement du travail prospectif demandé aux étudiants: La Corse en 2026. Diverses pistes et méthodologies ont été comparées et analysées. Les documents fournis aux doctorants  sont les suivants:  GeopolitiquePenser autrement,  IE réferences notions clés,  Mutecos Les réseaux agiles,  Mutecos Relance des territoires,  Mutecos Synthèse globale,  Prospective,  Prospective Jouvenel

Association Française pour le Développement Economique de l’Indonésie AFDEI - Visite de la délégation de la ville de Manado à CCIFrance - Visit of the delegation of Manado City (North Sulawesi)

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Une réunion importante a été initiée par l’Association Française pour le Développement Economique de l’Indonésie . An important meeting has been initiated by the AFDEI (AFDEI, 2 place Corneille, 92100 Boulogne Billancourt). See after the French presentation the English translation.

sulut ccfi Elle a concerné la réception par CCIFrance de la Délégation de la Ville de Manado (Célèbes du Nord représentée par Monsieur Hendrik Warokka Secrétaire Général au Développement Economique et par Madame le Député local). Le Dr Sri Damayanty Manullang (Présidente de l’Association) a présenté les objectifs de l’AFDEI. Monsieur Hendrik Warrokka a présenté les objectifs économiques et touristiques de la ville de Manado et a indiqué au nom du Maire de celle-ci, qu’un service d’Intelligence Economique Municipal allait être créé. Monsieur Philippe Clerc (Senior Advisor CCIFrance for Global Competitive Intelligence) a indiqué qu’il faciliterait le lien entre les Chambres de Commerce et d’Industrie Françaises et les divers services concernés de la Ville de Manado. Monsieur Henri Dou (Professeur des Université et Directeur du think tank Ciworldwide) a assuré la Ville de Manado de son appui pour faciliter le développement du service d’Intelligence Economique local. Monsieur Warrokka a indiqué qu’une délégation plus importante de la région de Manado viendrait en France lors du premier semestre 2017. A cette occasion il a été convenu que CICFrance et l’AFDEI effectueraient un travail préparatoire pour faciliter les liens économiques entre les Chambres de Commerce et d’Industrie françaises et les autorités compétentes de la Région  de Manado lors de cette visite. A la suite de cette rencontre, une déjeuner de travail a réuni dans une ambiance collaborative et studieuse l’ensemble des participants, ce  qui a permis des échanges informels très constructifs. Nous souhaitons tous nos vœux de succès à l’AFDEI pour qu’elle développe dans une ambiance collaborative fructueuse des réalisations concrètes entre nos deux pays.

It concerned the reception by CCIFrance of the Delegation of the City of Manado (North Sulawesia represented by Mr Hendrik Warokka Secretary General for Economic Development and by the local Deputy). Dr. Sri Damayanty Manullang (President of the Association) presented the objectives of AFDEI. Mr Hendrik Warrokka presented the economic and tourist objectives of the city of Manado and indicated on behalf of the Mayor of Manado that a Municipal Economic Intelligence Service would be created. Mr Philippe Clerc (Senior Advisor CCIFrance for Global Competitive Intelligence) said he would facilitate the link between the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the various departments concerned in the City of Manado. Mr. Henri Dou (Professor of Universities and Director of the Ciworldwide think tank) assured the City of Manado of his support to facilitate the development of the local Economic Intelligence service. Mr. Warrokka indicated that a larger delegation from the Manado region would come to France in the first half of 2017. On this occasion it was agreed that CICFrance and AFDEI would carry out preparatory work to facilitate the economic links between the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the competent authorities of the Region of Manado during this visit. As a result of this meeting, a working lunch brought together all the participants in a collaborative and studious atmosphere, which allowed  very constructive informal exchanges. We wish all our best wishes to AFDEI to develop in a fruitful collaborative atmosphere concrete achievements between our two countries.

Innovation et insdustrialisation un enjeu pour la France - Henri Dou - VSE Vie et Sciences de l’Entreprise - Innovation and industrialization a strategic issue for France

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C’est dans le numéro spécial 201 de Juin 2016 que le Professeur Henri Dou a présenté une tribune portant sur l’innovation et l’industrialisation, un enjeu pour la France. Dans cette tribune qui fait suite à la tribune présentée par Pierre Batiini dans VSE 200, Henri Dou souligne comment à partir du concept d’innovation  on doit mettre en “ordre de marche” la recherche française pour que celle-ci puisse bénéficier largement aux PME et PMI qui sont génératrices d’emplois. Bien que cette vision soit souvent, dans les faits, à l’encontre des évaluations des chercheurs et des équipes de recherche par les institutions scientifiques françaises, il est des moments historiques où il faut que les institutions financées par l’Etat se mettent au service de la Nation en laissant “de côté” les joutes de puissance et d’avancement de carrières. Nous remercions particulièrement VSE (Vie et Sciences de l’Entreprises) pour permettre la publication  et la diffusion de points de vue critiques qui nous l’espérons apportent “une pierre à l’édifice” en pensant “out of the box” et en s’éloignant du politiquement correct. Par la qualité des articles publiés, VSE est une publication à prendre en compte dans les domaines de l’économie et du développement des entreprises.

XVII - Information et Responsabilité Sociétale - RTRC Forum International Marseille 24-26 Novembre 2016 Conseil Départemental 13

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Du 24 au 26 Décembre 2016 s’est tenu au Conseil Départemental des Bouches du Rhône le 17 ième Forum International du Réseau Transméditerranéen de Recherche en Communication.  Au cours de ce forum différentes communications ont été présentées, mettant en évidence les problématiques actuelles du journalisme, pris entre immédiateté et audience et se posant souvent la réelle place que doit occuper cette fonction  dans le cadre sociétal. Diverses nationalités étaient représentées, ce qui a permis de brosser un panorama assez complet du rôle du journaliste dans le contexte actuel. A la fois au plan théorique, mais aussi pratique, les intervenants ont mis en évidence les leviers et les freins existants. Le programme du colloque accessible ici.  Différentes communications ayant fait l’objet de projections sont disponibles: Dou Henri,  Pozenato KeniaMaria Helena PozenatoMaougal Mohamed.  Tout au long du Forum de nombreux échanges ont permis aux participants d’échanger idées et points de vue dans une ambiance constructive. Nous tenons à remercier toutes les personnes qui se sont engagées pour que ce Forum se tienne dans les meilleures conditions, avec une mention  spéciale au Conseil Départemental 13, qui a assuré l’hébergement du colloque ainsi que l’ensemble des prestations d’accueil accompagnant celui-ci. Le texte intégral de la présentation du Professeur Henri Dou est accessible: Influence, Rumeurs, Intelligence Economique et Attractivité Territoriale.

IHEDN (Institut des Hautes Etudes de la Défense Nationale) - Session de Formation 6 Décembre 2016 - L’Intelligence Economique dans le monde - Competitive Intelligence Worldwide.

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On Décember 6th 2016, Professor Dou Henri gave a presentation about Competitive Intelligence Worldwide in a training session. Competitive Intelligence is now used at different degrees in most countries. But, if the methods and tools are classic, Competitiev Intelligence value is more and more linked to the support that the country itself provides to all Competitive Intelligence users as well as to the mind framework of local users. This support may be developed through a legal framwork  (like in the United States for instance) but also with the development of large worldwide projects like the OBOR (One Belt One Road) in China. A tour of various countries were Professor Henri Dou developed his own experience underlined various focus on Competitive Intelligence practices and supports.

Presentation of Professor Henri Dou:  Competitive Intelligence Worldwide

The following ducuments are provided to the users: industrialization an issue for France,  information accessdeveloping countries , Chinese patentsPatent mapping 3D printing, technical illiteracycircular economy,  Competitive Intelligence and its developmentsknowledge sharing

Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Franco chilienne. Intelligence Economique et révolution digitale - Franco-Chilean Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Competitive Intelligence and digital revolution

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 CCI Franco Chilena


This is on  December first 2016 that in Santiago, Philippe Clerc  during a breakfast meeting gave a conference on  ”Innovation and Competitive Intelligence: issues of the numeric revolution”. In front of a large assistance a discussion of the issues of the digital revolution for Chile underlined how the technologies of Information and Communication may help to short cut the distances on one way and helped to develop “smart SMEs”  in the country. In the same time the numeric revolution not only will push to the development of smart cties, but also they will facilitate many kinds of exports. The presentation of Philippe Clerc is available here.

Philippe Clerc is Conseiller IE Internationale à CCI France, Président de l’Association Internationale Francophone dIE (AIFIE), président du Comité dorientation sur l’IE du Centre de Commerce International (ITC, ONU/OMC) à Genève.