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L’Intelligence Economique du Futur, tome 1 et 2 par Henri Dou, Alain Juillet, Philippe Clerc, sera disponible courant Octobre 2018

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Les deux tomes de l’Intelligence Economique du Futur seront disponibles dans le courant du mois d’Octobre 2018. Afin de permettre une large diffusion de l’ouvrage, ISTE Editions offre la possibilité d’acquérir ces deux tomes sous forme de e-book sur Cette facilité permettra aux étudiants et particuliers de bénéficier d’un  tarif  très abordable de 9,90 Euros.

Data Value Chain in Science and Territories

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 colloque codata 2019

This  two days meeting in Val d’Europe (France Paris), (14 and 15 of March 2019)  will deals with all the problems Social, Technical, Human, raised by the huge amount of data available for analysis.  This meeting, will make a wide place to interdisciplinary contributions. Specific cases, Generic Models as well as Constructivist and Critical Postures can be presented. All the informations about the meeting are available here for main themes and abstract submission in English  or in French .

10th International Conference on Islands Tourisme 2018 - Competitive Intelligence and tourism development in North Sulawesi - Pierre Fournie, Henri Dou

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This is in Palerme that the 10th International Conference on Islands Tourisme took place the 7 -8 September 2018.  During the meeting an important assistance debated from the main issues facing the Islands in the field of tourim. Social, Technical and Environmental problems were exposed and commented.  Among the presentations dealing with many parts of the world, the communication presented by Pierre Fournié and Henri Dou raised a lot of discussions and comments. This paper deals with “Re-inventing a Tourism Development Model using Competitive Intelligence in the North Sulawesi Province (Indonesia”. Some questions from the assistance underlined the key role of Competitive Intelligence to second the tourism development in a prospective vision. The detailed abstract of this communication is available in the following file.

About the chapter “SMEs development through public and private partnerships: the Key Role of Research Transfer and Patent Information Analysis.

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This chapter authored by Henri Dou, has been published by IntechOpen in “Research development Evolving trends and practices - Towards Human, Institutional and Economic sectors growth”. You will find in the following file, the  metrics about this chapter  (cumulative downloads by countries, more than 200 in 2018). This high cumulative index underlines the diffusion opportunities offer by OpenIntech publishing. Metrics available here.

10th Annual International Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage (IRTP) Conference

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The International Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage organized by the Institute for Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage (IRTP) in conjunction with the International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage (IJRTP) and University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, and ANTE (Analisis Territorial) took place  from 27th – 30th June 2018 at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), Santiago, Spain.

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 The aim of the conference was to provide both empirical and personal insights into the changing nature of religion in society and to further the debate for both policy-makers and academics to consider these evolving challenges within the future development of faith tourism and pilgrimage. Among the papers which were presented, one dealing with the use of Competitive Intelligence to analyze the where abouts of the Wali Songo, the nine saints or nine friends of God, that according to tradition initiated the islamisation of Java in the XV and XVI centuries was particularly interesting bacause it opens the way to social cohesion and development of peace . The presetation of this paper was done by Pierre Fournie (see photography on the left) (Associate Researcher at Paris Est Marne la Vallée University, DICEN). The abstract of the paper is available here.


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This is in Poitiers on the Futuroscope site that this meeting took place from June 26th to June 28th. During this meeting many contacts were developed between the French and Indonesian academic representatives. Severlal thematic sessions enable some specialists from both contries to present their work in different scientific areas. It is remarkable that various presentations pin pointed the role of universties in  the development of the national and regional economy. This is an important challenge which was underlined by various speakers. We noted in this meeting the presence of the French Ambassador in Indonesia as well as various Indonesian representative and among them The Indonesian Ambassador in France . Regarding the entreprenership, we present here two interventions, one from the Rector of ITB Prof Kadarsah Suryadi (Technology Institute of Bandung) and the second from Pierre Fournie (Associate Researcher University of Paris Est Marne la Vallée, DICEN)  and Henri Dou (Emerit Prof. from Aix Marseille Univesity and Director of  ciworldwide think-tank).

Presentation from ITB (Prof. Kadarsah Suryadi)        Presentation  of P. Fournie and H. Dou  Abstract (PF HD),  PowerPoint (PF HD)

Diplomatie - Interview de Philippe Clerc - Diplomacy

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In a recent issue of “diplomatie” Philippe Clerc presents his point of view of the strategic influence of France. In this interview, Philippe Clerc defends various points of view such as: French notaries worked with China and actively participated to the drafting of the Chinese Law on notary, contributing to the promotion legal certainty in international relationships; How to cope and protect our sovereignty undermined by grabbing of our data? How French actors are are they redefining in the universe informational warfare and “post-truth”? To define influence strategies adapted and resolutely offensive becomes urgent.

The full text of this intreview is available HERE

D.U. Intelligence Economique, Université de Corse Session 5 - Competitive Intelligence University of Corsica

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La session 5 du DU a lieu à Corte les 28 -29-30 Mais 2018.Présentation de Mme le Dr Marie-Paule Verlaeten, sur les principes du développement d’une économie Corse dans un contexte d’autonomie. Pour accéder à la présentation cliquer ici    Présentation du Professeur Henri Dou: Valorization of Corsica’s seaweeds cliquer ici

Le Forum de Dakhla, des pistes pour booster le développement africain

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Les différents intervenants au Forum de Dakhla organisé par M. Driss Guerraoui qui a eu lieu ce mois de Mai 2018 ont particulièrement insisté sur l’importance de l’Intelligence Economique et Stratégique pour accroître la Compétitivité des territoires. On notera les interventions de MM. Philippe Clerc («Nous sommes plutôt face à des écoles africaines d’intelligence économique», comme l’a précisé Philippe Clerc, président de l’Association internationale francophone d’intelligence économique. D’où l’importance du Forum des associations africaines spécialisées dans ce domaine, dont la convention de constitution à été signée, vendredi dernier à Dakhla) et Alain Juillet (C’est l’intelligence économique appliquée qui pourrait favoriser la résolution de plusieurs problèmes en Afrique, selon Alain Juillet, président de l’Académie d’intelligence économique. Pour l’instant, elle est surtout focalisée davantage sur le niveau micro (entreprises), plutôt que macro, en se penchant sur les grandes questions stratégiques, a déploré Guerraoui.). Pour plus d’information sur le Forum, consultez le lien suivant ( Edition N°:5266 Le 07/05/2018 ). Consultez aussi le plaidoyer d’Agbéyomé KODJO, ancien premier Ministre du Tiogo, pour la mise en oeuvre d’un plan d’action de veille stratégique pour une Afrique émergente.

Une Intelligence Economique et Stratégique pour les PMI et ETI en France - Competitive and Strategic Intelligence for French’s SMIs.

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Cet article vient d’être publié dans Vie te Science de l’Entreprise, n°204, 15 Mai 2018, dans le cadre d’une tribune libre. Les auteurs Christophe Bisson et Henri Dou soulignent dans cet article l’importance pour les PMI et ETI françaises de mettre en place les éléments informationnels qui leur permettront de développer une stratégie orienté à la fois au niveau national mais surtout au niveau international.

Abstract: Abstract:

Following the establishment of the Strategic Information and Economic Security Service (CISSE) in January 2016, and the willingness of the French government to implement another approach concerning Economic Intelligence. It is proposed a simple, complete and practical model so that SMEs, and intermediate sized companies can better understand the message related to the Economic Intelligence
and its competitive purpose. This new model of development of Economic and Strategic Intelligence which is a Strategic Early Warning System is based on the strengthening of analysis during the technological and strategic scanning, the modeling of the strategic environment of the company which is used for the creation of dynamic scenarios. The most important scenarios for the company are then played, to simulate the actions of major players in the market. The efficiency of this model is shown for the company Altix, a French high-tech SME and a world leader in the imaging for the Printed Circuit Board sector.

Keywords: Economic and strategic intelligence, strategic early warning system, technological and strategic watch, dynamic scenarios, strategic simulation, SMEs, and intermediate sized companies.

Pour plus d’information, suivre ce lien     texte intégral de l’article